SPAN was widely known for their energetic live performances and their catchy rock anthems. They were one of the most popular rock bands in Norway from the early 2000s, and dominated live venues and festival stages both in Norway and abroad. They are now having a reunion exactly 20 years after their debut album hit the stores.

The early 2000s was a golden age in Norwegian rock. SPAN had spent 10 years on the road both in Norway and the UK, when they released their debut album Mass Distraction in 2004. The album went gold in Norway and was well received by both fans and critics.
SPAN was hailed as a Norwegian success story with an international appeal. This was confirmed by record deals with Island Records in the UK and Interscope in the US. Mass Distraction was produced by Foo Fighters producer Gil Norton and mixed by Kevin Shirley, who has produced everything from Aerosmith to Iron Maiden.
SPAN spent way too many hours in the rehearsal room to become the tightest rock band on the scene. And even though the Norwegian cred-police had their reservations with the bands lack of tattoos and their stellar work ethic, hundreds of sold out shows with screaming fans spoke for itself. Everyone had their own opinions about the band, and they got a lot of press coverage, both home and abroad, in magazines like NME, Rolling Stone and Kerrang.
After 15 years of sweaty backstages, thousands of miles in the van and too many signed boobs, the band split up in 2005. In February 2024 they are back for a final, explosive farewell.

«Really cool to hear about the SPAN reunion. We supported them on what was technically our first ever tour for a few shows promoted by Drowned in Sound (if i remember correctly). Crazy to think it's been 20 years! Wishing them all the best for these upcoming shows.» Russel Lissack, Bloc Party

«SPAN was a blistering live band. We shared stage with them on a few festivals and I remember how tight and professional their sound was.» Øystein Greni, Bigbang

«The 2000s was a strange time on the Norwegian music scene. There was a red line between what was ‘cred’ and what was ‘lame’. In my circuit, SPAN was for some reason considered ‘lame’. I nodded in solidarity with my credible rock friends, but the truth was that I loved SPAN. They just played better than all the other rock bands at the time, incredibly nice guys to bump into on the road, and I still know how to play ‘Found’ after learning it in 2003. Behind closed doors, of course.» Tarjei Strøm, Ralph Myerz, Datarock
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